About Us

A division of AMC Square Pvt. Ltd, Arth Media Consulting focuses on creating “the perfect job fit”. As simple as it sounds, the effectiveness and success of the above lies in understanding not just the broad requirements but also the finer nuances of the “job” at hand, the subsequent understanding of the “talent” that would be ideal, and the “grooming” needs that need to be addressed, thereby ensuring a seamless fit.

AMC Square Pvt. Ltd. is an amalgamation of talents across various specializations like technology, content, HRM, and marketing, across varied industries like publishing, BPO, digital solutions, software development, manpower consulting etc. The diversity and depth of experience that we hold guides us to create products, services and solutions that empower our customers with the desired knowledge, skill & attitude. We continually work towards creating answers to all sorts of developmental needs.

To know more about us, please click on the link below to download a brief presentation about our services & solutions:

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